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Four UK Property Franchises Rank Within The Top 100

As the UK’s leading property investment platform, we can reveal that when it comes to the UK’s top 100 most successful franchises, 57% are homegrown companies, climbing to 80% when looking specifically at property franchises. 

We have analysed the latest look at the top 100 UK franchises, breaking the sector down by industry group, as well as country of origin. 

The research shows that when it comes to the most successful franchises currently operating across the UK, the majority are homegrown, with those originating in the UK accounting for 57% of the top 100. 

The United States accounts for the next largest proportion (32%), followed by Australia (6%), with Austria, Canada, Denmark, Japan and Sweden accounting for 1% of the top 100 each. 

Food based franchises lead the way, accounting for 18 of the top 100, with McDonald’s topping the table as the most successful, while Costa Coffee is the most successful franchise to originate in the UK. 

Home and Garden (13%), Cleaning (11%), Education and Sport (10%) and Retail (6%) are also amongst the most prominent franchise industry groups within the top 100 operating within the UK. 

Property franchises account for 5% of the top 100, ranking joint sixth with Business, Health and Fitness and Professional franchises. 

However, no less than four of the five property franchises to make the top 100 originated within the UK and when looking specifically at UK born franchises, these property based companies rank as the joint third most prominent along with Business and Professional franchises. 

Sourced Director, Chris Kirkwood, commented: 

“A franchise offers a wealth of benefits including reduced risk of failure and brand recognition, but above all else, the ongoing support and market expertise provided to a franchisee are what really helps nurture success.

It’s great to see that so many of the top 100 franchises operating within the UK originated here, particularly those based within the property sector. 

The UK property sector has stood firm time and time again, despite wider economic uncertainty, and the ability to invest as a franchisee allows many investors the opportunity to benefit from this consistently strong performance, who may have otherwise not been able to.”

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