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A comprehensive training programme to help you maximise your earning potential from property

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Ready to achieve financial success in property? But lack the knowledge to ensure you succeed?

You’re not alone.

It’s why thousands of people here in the UK spend their valuable time and money on property training courses.

The challenge?

As soon as you’ve completed that course, you can be left feeling unprepared, with nobody available to lean on for support and guidance.

At Sourced, we understand that while training serves as a crucial foundation, it's often not enough on its own.

In fact, 62% of our franchisees had previously invested in training courses, only to discover limited value or struggle with implementation when it came to building their own portfolios.

That’s because running a successful business requires more than just property training.

Which is why owning and operating a Sourced Franchise is a brilliant option for those craving the opportunity to build a successful career in property – without the risk of going at it alone.

Our industry-leading property training events and courses are available not only at the beginning of your journey as a franchisee, but every step of the way.

We’ve assembled a team of experts with years of experience within various property investment strategies. And they are ready to provide you with dedicated guidance, ensuring you optimise your returns and navigate the complex landscape of property with confidence. Because we are committed to your long-term success.

Sourcing and Packaging

This strategy involves finding suitable properties for investors and packaging them together as a deal. This often involves negotiating with sellers and conducting due diligence.

Flips and Refurbs

This strategy involves purchasing a property below market value, renovating it, and then selling it at a higher price. Success in this strategy depends on accurately estimating renovation costs and market value after improvements.

Serviced Accommodation

Serviced accommodation entails offering fully furnished, short-term rentals with services like cleaning included.

New Build Developments

This strategy involves purchasing land or properties, developing them, and selling or renting them. It requires a deep understanding of construction, planning, and market demand.

Tax and Accounting

This involves understanding tax implications of property investments, including capital gains tax, stamp duty, and income tax. Effective tax planning can significantly impact your overall return on investment.

Commercial Conversions and Planning

This strategy involves converting commercial properties into residential units or repurposing them for alternative uses. It requires knowledge of local planning regulations and construction.

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