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Powering success in UK property investment since 2017

Sourced is an innovative group of companies specialising in real estate investment and united by a common goal; to help people achieve financial success in the property market.

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Where it all began

In 2017, Stephen Moss, our Founder and CEO, used his vast experience and personal success in property investment to fill a critical gap in the market: comprehensive support for aspiring investors.

With a portfolio over £50 million, he envisioned a company that would go beyond education to partner with investors, offering essential knowledge, resources, tools, and access to funding—crucial elements for success.

Today, The Sourced Group stands as a testament to Stephen’s vision and dedication, committed to guiding clients towards financial success in property investment

A team dedicated to your success.

Our mission remains the same to this day.

And since we launched over 6 years ago, Steve has welcomed on board a team of industry-experts to further bolster our position as a leading property investment company.

Our team of now 36 employees, includes a dedicated support team who work collectively to ensure their continuous success.

That’s how we have set ourselves apart in this industry – by not only providing a unique opportunity for people who are serious about making money in property, but by also leveraging our collective industry experience to provide ongoing support and training, which has been carefully crafted to help people achieve financial success.

We have 220 franchisees across the UK and Northern Ireland, and have provided funding for 61 projects up to the amount of £44,572,283 through our exclusive peer-to-peer funding platform

Sourced. A group of companies designed to power success in property.

Our Mission. 

We empower individuals to enhance their wealth through strategic property investments, creating accessible opportunities for long-term financial success.

Sourced Property Franchise

A structured path to financial success in property investment through a proven franchise model.

Sourced Living Franchise

A lettings franchise opportunity connecting property owners with residents using flexible letting solutions.

Sourced Capital

A peer-to-peer lending platform to help smart investors, invest smarter.

Sourced Finance

An expert partner for tailored property investment funding solutions in the UK.

A perfectly placed team to help you achieve financial success in property.


Stephen Moss

Sourced Group

Commercial Director

Derek Pratt

Sourced Capital

Franchise Manager

Sam Clayton

Sourced Property

Credit Underwriter

Lisa Eyres

Sourced Capital

Project Manager

Natalia Perzylo

Sourced Group

Business Support Manager

Rory Kenny

Sourced Property

Managing Director

Chris Kirkwood

Sourced Group

Head of Network

Victoria Hampson

Sourced Property

Lettings Director

Sara Stevenson

Sourced Living

Marketing Assistant

Caoimhe Coyle

Sourced Capital

Operations Manager

Emma Calter

Sourced Living

Business Support Manager

Lewis Cooke

Sourced Property

Having had an interest in Construction and Architecture throughout my teens, I decided to study Quantity Surveying at Northumbria University in Newcastle and after a successful career in the Fitness industry, went on to work as a Commercial Acquisitions Manager / Surveyor for 3 of the larger Gym Brands in the UK. With almost a decade of experience in Franchise business and a keen desire to learn more about residential investment, a move into the role at Sourced seemed like a very natural transition, allowing me to utilise the skills and knowledge gained from my years in the commercial space and apply those to the support given to my Team here.

Sourced HQ is simply a really great environment to be a part of. Everyone is always keen to celebrate success (whether our own or that of our Franchisees) which helps facilitate a winning culture. The Franchisees consistently present challenging projects which help to keep our knowledge sharp and push us to constantly learn. They're also a great bunch of professionals from varied backgrounds and it is more often than not, a pleasure to be a part of their journey.

Being relatively 'introverted' by nature, I decided to push myself into uncomfortable territory and take on the hosting of our Manchester SIN event with my Colleague Rory....and I'm so glad I did!!
We've gone hosting evenings of 8-10 people, to now selling out with over 40 people in attendance. It has been fascinating to hear their stories and learn about the projects they're working on and has presented opportunities I otherwise wouldn't have been exposed to.

Finance Director

Lee Wallace

Sourced Group

Investor Relations Manager

Adrian Allen

Sourced Capital

My formative years were spent working with HSBC Bank covering all aspects of Retail and Business Banking.

My career journey moving away from HSBC has mainly been focused within the financial services industry across various industry sectors ranging from Car Finance to the UK’s largest second-hand high street retailer. Various positions held from Customer Account Management, Compliance Officer to Management Consultant for personal and business customers alike.

I really enjoy being part of a successful and growing business who are revolutionising property investment for individuals. Being part of a vibrant and a like-minded team who truly appreciate everyone’s efforts make me feel valued and a trusted member of not only my team but those of the wider team within the Sourced community.

Being part of the Sourced Capital Team, I was proud to attend the P2P Finance Awards in 2022 and share in the success of Sourced Capital not only being nominated, but also winning the award for IFISA provider for the year 2022.

Investor Relations Manager

Jake Turnball

Sourced Capital

Marketing Executive

Leah Armstrong

Sourced Property


Victoria Phoenix

Sourced Group

Training & Development Manager

Peter Blackley

Sourced Group

Don’t just take our word for it.

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