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Meet Sandra George, Sourced Franchisee, who back in 2021, made the decision to leave her job at the university and turn her passion for property into a business. Her goal was to home educate her son, so she was looking for a business opportunity that would allow her to work from home, all whilst being part of a supportive community. 

Sandra's First Project

Sandra’s first project was marked by a bold decision. Despite her limited hands-on experience in property development— she chose to embark on a challenging project.

Opting for a property flip as her first venture, Sandra demonstrated her willingness to dive deep into the world of real estate. Her journey began with a comprehensive “Flips and Refurbs” training course at Sourced HQ, equipping her with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle her ambitious project: transforming a 3-bedroom detached property into a 4-bedroom family home. This included adding an extra bedroom and renovating the kitchen and conservatory, aiming to increase the property’s market value for resale.

Financial Support and Guidance

Sourced’s support extended beyond training; it also provided financial backing through its peer-to-peer platform, Sourced Capital.

Sandra’s experience with the funding process was notably positive.

“The funding process was amazing and personal. I was in constant contact with different members of the Capital team, which is different from borrowing from a bridging company or a bank.”

This personalised approach, coupled with Sourced’s rigorous due diligence, instilled confidence in Sandra, enabling her to secure a loan based on 70% of the Gross Development Value (GDV) of the property.

This financial leverage meant she had ample funds to execute the renovation, with the purchase price set below market value at £190,000 and a renovation budget of £20,000.

Sandra’s first project sold for £32,000 more than the initial valuation, making her a take home profit of £17,000.

Future Goals

Motivated by her initial success, Sandra is now setting her sights higher for future projects.

She plans to acquire two properties with the ambition of converting them into flats, a project for which she is currently enhancing her skills through additional training in rent-to-rent and serviced accommodation at Sourced. Her long-term vision extends beyond flips and conversions; Sandra aims to build a portfolio of rent-to-rent properties, particularly focusing on serviced accommodations, demonstrating her commitment to diversifying and expanding her property business.

Sourced: A Platform for Aspiring Property Entrepreneurs

“Sourced is for anyone who has a passion for property or wants to build a property business,”

The franchise is designed to support both novice and seasoned investors by simplifying the complexities of managing a property business.

With access to an extensive pool of knowledge, investor and property leads, and financial resources through Sourced Capital, franchisees like Sandra are well-equipped to bring their property projects to fruition. Sourced’s dedicated support team further aids franchisees in strategising and navigating the challenges of the property market, ensuring a smooth path to success.

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