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Meet Sourced Property Franchisee, Nigel Guppy

Nigel has been a franchisee for nearly four years, and joined Sourced as he was keen to get the right kind of training and support to leverage the UK property industry. We recently caught up with Nigel to learn more about the highlights and challenges from his journey so far.

What is your professional background and what drove you to join our network?

My professional background is rooted in the real estate sector, where I’ve spent numerous years as an Estate and Letting Agent before transitioning into semi-retirement. My passion for the industry has evolved into a desire to set a new standard in the creation of quality HMOs. 

What initial challenges did you face when joined, and how did you tackle them?

We had to deal with our first project during lockdowns and we just had to be patient. One needs an extreme positive attitude at times, but this has always been the case for any small business.

How has Sourced supported your franchise journey so far? Any specific examples?

One of the main benefits for me is the exclusive access to funding for projects through their peer-to-peer lending platform. This has enabled me to further expand my portfolio and work on larger projects, which before, would not have been possible. 

Can you share a highlight from your franchise experience so far?

A standout moment in our franchise journey has been the successful completion of our initial project, which we proudly leased to the NHS. This achievement not only marked a significant milestone for us but also led to an influx of referrals from other NHS trusts interested in our services. The positive feedback and growing demand from such a reputable organisation have been incredibly rewarding and affirming of our efforts.

How do you connect with your customers and build relationships?

We connect with our customers and build lasting relationships through proactive networking and consistently maintaining a positive attitude. By engaging in industry events, we create opportunities to meet and interact with potential and current customers.

How has being in our franchise network benefited your business?

Being part of the Sourced franchise network has significantly propelled our business forward, particularly evident as we enter year 4 with an impressive pipeline of projects valued at £11 million for 2024.

What’s your advice to those considering joining Sourced as a franchisee?

Be patient and positive whatever and take in everything you can from a learning perspective, but it is a numbers game at the end of the day. I did loads of viewings when I started out to get more experience of my local market.


If like Nigel, you’re ready to take the next step and embrace a franchise opportunity with us here at Sourced, you can discover more about the benefits by downloading our prospectus.