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Is Property Investing Still Worth it in 2024?

With the Bank of England keeping Interest Rates at 5.25%, what is the impact on you and your property investing? Is it still a good time to invest in the current housing market?

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, invest in property, or simply keep up with the trends, this blog is tailored to give you a clear snapshot of what’s happening right now.

Interest Rates: Current Scenario

As of now, the Bank of England holds the base interest rate at 5.25%. While this is notably higher compared to the lows of the last decade, there’s talk about potential rate cuts on the horizon—possibly by August. Changes could range from modest 0.25% reductions to more aggressive cuts, depending on how the economy responds in the coming months.

Tackling Inflation

While the official inflation rate stands at 3.2%, down from over 10% last year, many of us might agree that our daily expenses tell a different story. The cost of living still feels quite high, which suggests that while official figures show a decrease, the everyday financial strain experienced by consumers tells a different story.

Rental Market Trends

The rental market has seen significant price increases, with a reported 9.2% rise over the past year according to data from the Office for National Statistics. This jump affects everyone, from renters, to those with variable mortgages, making affordability a key concern.

For investors, higher rental yields could mean better returns, but for renters, it’s an added layer of financial pressure in an already expensive living environment.

Property Prices: Current Status and Future Predictions

After an unexpected boom during the pandemic years, thanks to incentives like bounce-back loans and a stamp duty holiday, the property market has started to stabilise.

House prices fell by -0.4 % in April, slowing annual growth to 0.6%, according to Nationwide. Affordability pressures continue to weigh on buyer purchasing power.

But despite these short-term indicators, Savills updated forecasts for house prices expect growth of 2.5% in 2024.

Investment Strategies for Current Times

In times of market fluctuation, strategic investment becomes even more critical. Key strategies include:

  1. Buying from Motivated Sellers: In a buyer’s market, there are opportunities to acquire properties at lower prices from sellers eager to close deals quickly.
  2. Focusing on Strong Rental Demand Areas: Ensuring investments are in locations with robust rental demand can safeguard against vacancies and fluctuating market conditions.
  3. Positive Cash Flow Investments: Despite higher interest rates, structuring deals to generate positive cash flow is vital to sustaining profitability.
  4. Long-Term Perspective: Property investment should be viewed as a long-term venture, recognising that property values generally increase over time due to the enduring demand for housing in the UK.
  5. Maintaining a Cash Buffer: Always have a financial cushion to address unexpected expenses or shifts in the market without jeopardising your investment’s health.


Navigating the UK property market in 2024 presents a complex blend of challenges and opportunities. By understanding the deeper nuances of interest rates, inflation, and market trends, you can better position yourself to make informed decisions that align with both current conditions and long-term investment goals.

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