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Considering investing in the property market this year? With the ever-changing landscape, it’s natural to feel hesitant. However, property investment can still be a viable and lucrative option in 2023. While success in this field requires more than just taking advantage of market trends, there are several factors to consider for a fruitful property investment journey.

Is property still a good investment? In short, our answer is yes! Property values in the UK have steadily increased over the long run, even with market ups and downs. And this pattern is likely to repeat, suggesting that property will be as robust an investment in the future as it has been in the past. While past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, historically, property values have risen with inflation and even outpaced it.

That said, if you’re looking to make a quick return, property investment probably isn’t for you. The key is buying smart, and with that, you need the right resources in front of you to help make those informed decisions.

Fortunately, at Sourced we’ve got you covered with comprehensive training, unlimited support, property leads, and funding. Let’s dive in and explore the investment potential of property in 2023.


Having a thorough understanding of the property market and property strategies is crucial. This knowledge allows you to identify prospective properties accurately and conduct comprehensive due diligence on potential deals. Consider investing in your education through courses, workshops, or mentorship programs that focus on property development, investing, and deal analysis.


Finding a reliable team that can support you whenever you need it and ensures you put all of the knowledge you have gained in the training into practice is essential. Surround yourself with professionals who have experience in the property market, such as industry experts, solicitors, contractors, and builders. Their expertise can prove invaluable in navigating challenges and making informed decisions.


Financing is often a significant barrier for property investors. To succeed in the current market, it’s crucial to have a network of lenders who can support your investment endeavours. Explore different financing options and build relationships with lenders who understand the property market and are willing to work with you.


Identifying profitable property opportunities time-consuming, however it is crucial for success in property investment. Consider leveraging technology and tools that streamline the lead generation process, allowing you to focus on analysing and pursuing the most promising opportunities.


Building a network of like-minded property professionals is crucial for your success. Connect with other investors, attend property investment events, and join online communities or forums where you can share experiences, gain insights, and learn from others. Your network should include contractors, builders, estate agents, solicitors, and anyone else who can contribute to your knowledge and help take your business to the next level.


In conclusion, property investment can still be a lucrative venture in 2023. However, it requires dedication, continuous learning, and leveraging the right resources and networks. If you’re looking for comprehensive support, training, and access to property leads and in-house, exclusive funding, Sourced Franchise is the complete package for you.

By becoming a Sourced Franchisee, we can help you to get your property business up and running by supporting you on all of the above steps that we have talked about.

If you’re interested in joining our network of over 200 franchisees, now has never been a better time to do so. Contact our team today here.