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Meet Jason Kay, Sourced Franchisee.

At the young age of 17, Jason sadly became homeless as he was thrown out of the family home for not paying enough rent to his abusive father. He says ‘’When I returned to the house, my father had locked the door and all my belongings were in the garden shed. I never really understood why he would do that’’.

During this period, he slept in his friends’ houses and in a mini car during the wintertime. Eventually, he got a room in a homeless hostel with housing benefits, but, after a year of living there, he was moved to council accommodation, which he states “was one of the worst places to live! I was on the eleventh floor of a high-rise block, full of gangs and drug dealers’’. He then got a job at Halfords where he was able to save to buy his first house at 21 with a mortgage, and things started to look better for Jason.

Why did Jason choose property investment?

Due to the abuse he faced, Jason decided he wanted to live a better life, and give his children a more positive upbringing to provide them with the opportunity to live the lives they wanted to lead. Motivation comes in many forms, and every one of our franchisees has their own reason for pursuing a career in property. However, for Jason, his background gave him the determination, resilience, and drive to take responsibility for his own life.

Scaling Success

Jason discovered Sourced, a platform that perfectly aligned with his requirements for funding, training, and support. Sourced enabled him to secure financing for his second commercial conversion, aptly named “The Binding House.” Reflecting on his experience, Jason remarked, “Sourced helped me scale my portfolio massively. The advantages of having a dedicated support person and access to a network of property professionals are significant.”

A few years down the line, Jason shifted his focus towards more ambitious projects. His latest venture, Hadley Place in Hull, achieved full funding within just over two hours, raising a total of £960,000. This project has now transformed a former care home into a 24-bedroom Co-Living HMO (watch the video below!) making Jason a profit of £28,000 per year. 

Jason's long term goals

Jason aims to construct a property portfolio that not only supports his lifestyle but also serves as a legacy for his daughters. He outlines his strategic approach: “I set 5-year goals which are reviewed yearly, then further distilled into quarterly objectives. While I don’t always meet these goals, I recognise that our life’s path is shaped by the decisions we make. I concentrate on pursuing what’s within my control.” Currently, Jason’s focus is on commercial conversions and engaging in joint ventures with Sourced, leveraging their resources and network to achieve his ambitious targets.

The commitment behind success with Sourced

Every individual has their unique motivations for joining Sourced, and Jason offered a glimpse into his own decision-making process. He advocates for the platform, stating, “I’d recommend it to anybody who is serious about starting or scaling their business. It’s designed for those ready to take action and invest the necessary effort. While Sourced provides all the tools and support you need, success ultimately depends on the work you’re willing to put in.” Jason’s perspective underscores the balance between having access to resources and the personal commitment required to leverage these resources effectively.

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