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Sourced Growth Soars: 200 Franchisees join the ranks in UK and Northern Ireland!

Our journey started back in 2017 when Founder and Managing Director, Stephen Moss, spotted an opportunity in the property investment industry.

Although there were several training courses, networking events, and seminars, there was nothing that provided aspiring property professionals with a comprehensive solution to grow their own portfolios while receiving industry-leading training, unlimited support, and access to exclusive funding for projects.

Steve knew that people needed more than just training courses and networking events to succeed in this competitive industry, having done it himself. They needed a partner who would provide them with the resources, tools, and support required to build a successful property business.

And with that; Sourced Franchise was born.

Our mission remains the same to this day – to ensure our Franchisees enjoy a successful, prosperous career in property, and since we launched almost 6 years ago, Steve has welcomed on board a team of industry-experts to further bolster our position as a leading property business opportunity.

We’ve also recently celebrated Chris Kirkwood, our Franchise Director’s 5th year here at Sourced, who has utilised his experience in property to create an industry-leading training package. The team led by Chris Kirkwood has been instrumental in driving numerous successes for our franchisees thus far. You may have also heard his expert insight on our dedicated podcast, where he has hosted a series of episodes to deliver valuable tips and tricks for aspiring property professionals.

Commenting on the journey so far, Chris said: ‘’Building a network of 200 franchisees is, of course, an incredible achievement and that has been accomplished due to our steadfast focus on creating the most comprehensive package to enable people with any level of experience to succeed in property.’’

Our team of now of 35 employees, includes a dedicated support team for Franchisees, who work collectively to achieve the same goal – ensuring the continuous success of our Franchisees. Our Support Team has over 20 years of property experience and over £1 million in property assets. We provide a first-class support structure that provides franchisees with the tools and technology to grow their business whilst being powered by our people from Sourced HQ.

And over the years, we have been part of some incredible success stories.

Just like our Franchisee, Shahid Aslam who has been part of the franchisee network since January 2019. Throughout his time so far, Shahid has continually sold 15-20 deals per month, with his most recently developing a huge residential apartment block in Manchester. Shahid utilises our Property App and has so far sold numerous deals via this channel. Throughout his journey, Shahid has also received dedicated one-to-one mentorship from our support team, which has enabled him to adapt his investment strategies and further enhance his portfolio.

Since day one, we have loved being part of so many people’s success stories, and through a robust onboarding process, we have ensured that owning a Franchise is just as right for our Franchisees, as well as it is for us. After all – our success depends on theirs.

That’s how we have set ourselves apart in this industry – by not only providing a unique opportunity for people who are serious about building a property business, but by also leveraging our collective industry experience to provide dedicated ongoing support and training, which has been carefully tailored to help people succeed.

Throughout the last 6 years, we have also achieved a number of other incredible milestones, such as launching our own app, which lists the most property investment opportunities of any platform in the UK and was developed to help our Franchisees sell their deals and get further investment for their projects. We have also successfully funded an impressive 61 projects up to the amount of £44,572,283 through our exclusive peer-to-peer funding platform, Sourced Capital, and have recently achieved over 70 five-start Trustpilot reviews, to further bolster our position as a leading property business opportunity.

As we move further into 2023 and reflect on what has been a fantastic journey so far, we are delighted to announce that we will be further expanding our support team to ensure the same level of continuous training and mentoring is in place for our Franchisees.

There are only 50 franchise opportunities for the remainder of this year. So, if you’re serious about building a profitable property portfolio and you’d like to be part of success story – you can book a consultation with our team today.

Once again, we would like to express a huge thank you to all of our team, our Franchisees and everyone else who has been part of achieving this incredible milestone. Let’s see what the next 5 years will bring…

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